Other Policies

Other policies, including those listed below are available upon request by emailing admin@buckswood.co.uk or asking at the school reception.

Acceptable use of ICTFreedom of information
Access ArrangementsFood in Boarding Houses
Access to Independent HelpGambling
Access to minutes of Advisory Governing Body meetings Grievance
Access to property by outside people Guardianship
Access to Risky areas Health and Safety
AccessibilityHealth and Safety fines
Accident, Incident, Dangerous Occurrences Low level concerns
& Occupational Ill-Health Reporting & Investigation Policy Managing allegations procedure
Administration of Medicines Managing contractors
AdmissionsMental Health and Wellbeing
AlcoholMissing Student
Allegations of Abuse against Staff Online safety
Anti Bullying PHSE
AttendancePartisan political views
BehaviourPocket Money
Boarder Post and Packages Preventing Radicalisation
Boarding Dorm Rules Provision for pupils with particular religious, dietary or cultural needs
Boarders Health and Wellbeing Quality Assurance
Boarders Leave Recoverable Lessons
Boarding principles and practice Recruitment and Selection
Boarding Students Complaints Registration and attendance in absence of SIMS
CCTVRisk Assessment
Changing Room Supervision Safe storage, administration of medicines
Child Abduction Policy and Procedures School Visitors Policy and Procedure
Child Protection Screening, search and confiscation
ComplaintsSharing of Nude Images
Cultural Policy Sickness and absence
CurriculumStaff behaviour code of conduct
Cyber Bullying Staff smoking policy
Data Protection Student Health and Wellbeing
Dietary Needs Student Leadership
Dogs in School Students with Medical Needs
Drugs and Alcohol Misuse/Education Student signing out policy
Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Supervision
EALSupervision in boarding houses
Educational Trip Town Leave
Emergency and continuity Transgender Policy
Emergency fire precautions and drills Uniform Policy
Employee handbook Use of electronic devices
EqualityUse of reasonable force and restraint
Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Vehicle movement
Exam contingency plan Visitor
ExclusionVisitors to boarding accommodation
Fire alarm protocol for duty staff Weekend meals
Fire risk prevention Whistleblowing
Fire Safety
First Aid

Risk Assessments

Risk Policy is the set of formal instructions, typically documented and approved by internal governing bodies, that define in sufficient operational detail an organization's perception and attitude towards the range or risks it faces and desires to manage.

Visiting Cities and Towns Risk Assessment
Visiting Heritage Sites risk assessment
Coach & Minibus Travel risk assessment
Day Trips risk assessment
Overseas Trips risk assessment
RA15 STVP 2018 - Coastal Visits
Residential Trips risk assessment
Ship & Ferry Travel risk assessment
Train Travel risk assessment
Visiting Places of Entertainment
Cinema, Theatre etc. risk assessment

Visiting Adventure
Theme - Water Parks risk assessment