School Bus

Over recent months Buckswood has been working to ensure we run the most affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly transport routes as possible.

An impressive feature is our new transport app. This app is the first of its kind in the UK and will revolutionise bus travel! You will now be able to sit down and have another cuppa with a biscuit or know you have enough time to finish your weekly shop with the app sending you real time information on the location.

Push notifications will tell you when your bus is two stops away, followed by a on stop away alert, as well is updating you with any delays. The app comes with many built-in features having been especially custom built for Buckswood and our little quirks, by a parent at the school.

Buckswood students are issued with a travel-card photo-id, which will provide parents and the school with accurate usage information and easily complete registers for all students on the bus for travel, trips or sports fixtures.

Please contact for more info.