Sharing, caring and fun

Living away from your family might at first seem a scary prospect, and even more so when you are considering living at your school, but when you think about it, it does start to make sense…
Consider having no commute to school. Consider living and studying with your friends and having everything at hand to make your studies as easy as possible. Two hours’ worth of help every night with homework, a ready-made social life with activities every night; trips to town every weekend; something special to do every Sunday after a long lie-in and brunch; an address book filled with friends from across the world so you are never stuck without a place to go on holiday… it’s starting to make sense now, isn’t it?

Accommodation in the boarding houses called residences. They are mostly en-suite and range from quad rooms (loved by junior boarders), to triples, doubles and singles which allow the older boarders to concentrate on their studies. Boarders share rooms with students from all over the world (but not their own country) so that English is spoken at all times, assisting rapid language progression.

The school routine

The day is busy and well structured, so there is never any time to feel bored. It is important to plan your day well so that there is time for study, sport, ‘chillin’ with friends, getting your homework done, ringing home or perhaps continuing with a favourite hobby. Please click on the link below to have a glimpse at what you will do each day.

The weekends

Weekends at Buckswood are by no means just an excuse for endless shopping trips, letting your hair down or lazing around on a sofa completing the next level on a computer game.

With the Buckswood REST and SCORE approach to the weekend, our boarders achieve more than they thought possible and learn valuable independent living skills that will help them at university and beyond, finding the balance between academia and fun.

With their house tutors, students decide what they would like to do at the weekend and plan ahead to make sure they accomplish everything they want to.

24-hour support

We have an incredible support team to help with the development of a child while boarding at Buckswood. We encourage students to be able to not only stand on their own two feet but to also be able to ask for help if needed and to accept this as an important part of our lives, asking questions, chatting about things and challenging things is very much part of growing up. Therefore, there are a range of support teams that permeate through all that we do (see below)

The residences

There are 7 residences and upon arrival you are assigned one of these residences.