Boarding at Buckswood provides a safe and secure environment for the personal and academic development of each boarding student whilst ensuring their health and wellbeing. The Buckswood ethos aims to reflect, as far as possible within a communal environment, the best values of family life. The boarding experience encourages tolerance, respect for others, kindness, spiritual and moral awareness, personal development, general welfare and self-discipline. It develops independence, strength and the ability within the individual to function as part of a team.


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  • Living and learning with friends and mentors
  • Everything you need on campus, home, school, health and leisure
  • Mostly en-suite rooms, in single, double, triple or quads
  • Full integration and mixing of nationalities
  • Busy weekend and evening leisure programme, with supervised evening prep
  • 240 full time boarders
  • 6 boarding houses with own house staff
  • Not a hotel, independent living with a bit of help!



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