At Buckswood, our curriculum is designed to offer a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience, ensuring a wide range of academic departments and choices for students aged 11-18. Our approach is centred on providing flexible learning pathways that cater to the individual strengths and interests of each student.

Structured across three Key Stages—Junior School (11-14), GCSE (14-16), and Sixth Form (16-18)—our programmes are built to meet the developmental needs and educational objectives of our students at each phase of their schooling. This framework supports a seamless transition between stages, preparing students for success in higher education and beyond.

We are committed to equipping our students with the essential academic knowledge and social skills needed to excel as global citizens. Explore our diverse programmes of study and discover how Buckswood School prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of a globalised world.

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Key Stage 3 - 11-14 years old


Key Stage 4 - 14-16 years old


Key Stage 5 - 16+
A Level
International Baccalaureate
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