Food at Buckswood

The Dining Hall at Buckswood is situated at the heart of the camps and is the ideal training ground for our young ladies and gentlemen to learn the finer points of life that are missing in our modern times. At Buckswood there is no canteen or children shovelling food into their mouths, in our Dining Hall manners are everything!


As you would expect, the kitchens are 5 star hygiene rated, and all our food is prepared daily by our team of chefs. International in its make-up, the menu caters for a variety of diets and monthly surveys ensure that everyone is enjoying the fare on offer. Tuesdays is Chinese Tuesdays and when the weather is fine, the Dining Hall is abandoned on occasion, opting for a BBQ in the courtyard instead.

Sixth Formers can opt to visit TJs where hot snacks and sandwiches are served throughout the day, and morning and afternoon tea and refreshments are served to all in the courtyard to keep everyone going until the end of the day.

Matron runs the school tuckshop which is open every morning break and on various evenings throughout the week the Buckswood noodle bar is open.

Menu Week-1

Menu Week-2