How does the process work?

When we receive your enquiry or application form.  One representative of our admission team will contact you to ask for some information about your child.

You will need to provide the basic details – name, date of birth, and gender – and we will also need to establish the year group you are applying for.

For international students, we also need to establish their level of English, so we will ask you to fill a placement test. Our progress and placement department can take this into account when looking for the best and most appropriate course.

We will require school reports, and a school reference. As well as a copy of your passport and birth certificate.

When we have this information, we will process the application in tandem with our academic department providing you a very rapid ‘in principle’ decision.

From here we will ask for further information where required or proceed to the issue of a Letter of Offer. If you have any questions about the school at this point, we will be able to help you by phone or email.

When you are happy with the school choice, a deposit is then required to accept and secure the place together with a registration fee. Deposit is refunded at the end of a student’s schooling, less any money outstanding on your account and assuming that proper notice has been given.

When the deposit payment has been done, your  child will now have a place at Buckswood School.

What happens next?

Congratulations! you are already part of our Buckswood family.

Once you have registered your child, The representative that have worked with you through the placement process will send you, the Welcome Pack of your child with some instruction to complete our Starter pack to ensure that we are well prepared for your child to start at Buckswood. If you have any questions about this process, we will be able to help you by phone or email.