The Junior School caters for students between 10 and 14 years of age. It is an integral part of this traditional British independent school, and it is where the whole process begins as we prepare our students for entry to the top UK Universities. Our timetable embraces a traditional British curriculum with 14 different subjects, Extra English language support is provided for international students. All students are able to use the unique Buckswood ‘Access Time’, a free facility allowing pupils 1-to-1 assistance from their subject tutors.

The junior years at Buckswood are viewed as the ‘formative years.’ We instill the values of hard work, respect for others, a sense of right and wrong, and an intrinsic internationalism into our junior scholars. We give them responsibility and a sense of independence but point out the parameters not to be crossed believing that children thrive on structure, security and opportunity.

Forms 1-3 provide a solid preparation for success at GCSE. They offer the scope to experiment: to go “off-piste” in academic terms, perhaps by watching lambing for themselves down at the Buckswood stables as part of a science lesson or by standing knee-deep in an original World War I trench in Flanders with the History Department. New for 2019 is the addition of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the curriculum, in our new Innovation Centre (pictured here)