We often say at Buckswood that travel is the ‘fourth dimension’ in education. Both near or far, in the UK and stretching all over the  globe;  Buckswood offers a wealth of extra-curricular trips to augment studies and a year-round programme of half term trips. We believe that travel places education in context, for it broadens minds and horizons, breaks down barriers, destroys misconception, enhances knowledge and promotes cultural understanding.

It is for those reasons that Buckswood has a well-established programme of annual trips, organised in such a way that the trips on offer are entirely appropriate for everyone. These opportunities for personal growth and character building place Buckswood students ahead of the rest. The trips on offer establish greater maturity, self-discipline, personal organisation and the ability to prioritise; all are essential qualities necessary to enhance success. Click on the links to find out more about just some of the trips offered in each school department.

Please use the links below to sign up for Half Term Trips:

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