At Buckswood Saturday morning is a semi-formal morning. Saturday morning school runs from 1000 - 1230pm. All those who are signed up to a sports academy train for the full two and a half hours. Juniors spend all morning with their House tutor participating in junior school events, from walking the dogs across the fields to preparing a set whole school project. Other students have a one hour of homework with their House tutor and then they opt for an hour of extra-curricular activities. Saturday school is open to all of our pupils and activities include...

Clay Pigeon Shooting


Self Study in Library

UCAS preparation



Martial arts

Buckswood 101

Independent Learning Programme

There are accredited courses available and opportunities to build extra UCAS points to give the Buckswood student’s CV and personal statements the ‘wow’ factor and really stand out from the crowd. Working at their own pace and building a programme that suits the career path and interests of each student, Library Time is part of the ‘Buckswood Difference’ where the sole aim is to make every Buckswoodian the best version of themselves.