*   Start and End of Term Travel: Please note that boarders are expected to travel at the start and end of term at times that do not impact their learning. It is the school’s expectation that unless there is a compelling reason as to why a boarder is unable to travel at these times that arrangements are made by their family to ensure that they travel to or from school at the appropriate time and date. Travel to or from school is expected to be at the authorised dates and times only.

Any travel outside of these dates or times will be subject to a surcharge of £150 being levied on your school bill to cover the staffing costs incurred by the school for dealing with this inconvenience. To clarify this, the authorised times of arrival to school on a return to school day (Sundays after half terms and Mondays after longer holidays) are from 0900 until 2100 and the authorised times of departure from school prior to a holiday are from 1700 until 2100 on Friday afternoon or 0700 until 1200 on the Saturday morning at the end of term. It is expected that all boarders have left school (unless on a school trip) by 1200 on the Saturday at the end of a term as the school is then closed for the holiday and will not reopen for students until 0900 on the travel day at the end of the holiday. We advise that families use their guardians for travel taking place outside of these days and times when school is not in session.

Any late returns or early departures will also be marked as being unauthorised on the attendance record. Families are encouraged to book taxis through the school if transport to or from an airport or train station is required. If, however, they wish to use an alternate provider then this information must be clearly communicated to the school via the start/end of term travel form. This ensures that we know when and where all of our students are going and coming from at the start and end of each term. If you feel that you need to ask for an exemption from this, then this request must be made prior to any travel being booked so that the school can inform you whether or not this has been granted. Requests should be emailed to the relevant admissions representative.