The Buckswood Educational Philosophy

In return for the investment that parents make in sending their children to us, we offer the parent total commitment to the child’s welfare, and to their academic and social development. We want parents to feel immense pride in their child’s educational achievement but also to have complete trust and confidence in our ability.

‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself’
John Dewey

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Our school philosophy permeates through all that we do. It is not just a written statement that sits on a shelf somewhere in the Heads office. We want it to be a living, breathing and workable document that all stakeholders use in their day to day transactions in the and around the school. A document that can be understood and ‘translated’ into the classroom, on the sports field and within boarding residences – it is our commitment to the students and in return their commitment to uphold and take as much from as possible – this is the Buckswood difference.

Each term both staff and students are assessed through a session of reflection on how they have either contributed or succeeded in each of these school values. We want to see tangible outcomes such as representing the school in a team, be it hockey, football or horse riding. It could be pursing a talent one might have or organising a school function. There are ample opportunities for all to participate in. We have the 101 things to do at Buckswood program that students join, we have house competitions, you name it there is something for everyone to work as a team and to work individually. The most important thing for us is that everyone gets involved and learns from and about each other, and at the end of the term the goals that have been set have been achieved or partially achieved, so at the end of each term there is personal statement of each and everyones achievements.

So through a solid educational philosophy that we like to call ‘the 12 Buckswood pillars’ we have one aim – that is for every learner (student and staff) to be the best they can be; and in doing so we ensure that they explore the world around them with a sense of adventure, where they discover where their skills and passions lie and gain a wealth of qualifications and experiences. To achieve our aim, our approach is holistic. We know that in every child we must build self-confidence, self belief, a sense of worth and a sense of purpose. We offer our students many opportunities to try new things, visit new places, meet new people, because here at Buckswood we do not confine our learning to just inside the classroom, learning must feel relevant. Every one is different and we recognise and value talent wherever it chooses to form in a child; be it on the sports field, in the science labs, in the stroke of a paint brush, on a horse, or yet still to be found! Buckswood believes that education is both a journey and an adventure for all learners – ensuring that everyone has a well defined sense of purpose that can make a positive impact within society – as the school motto states – we prepare for life….