Below you will find a link to the Department for Education's website for school performance. The unique and varied curriculum we offer means that GCSE performance data in some areas is not applicable. The school is proud of the examination results our students achieve and would encourage parents to contact the school should they require further information.

Sixth Form data is available below. As a school we are proud to say that all our students receive offers from their chosen UK universities. This is down to the strength of the support they receive and their excellent applications.

We are out of government statistics because we offer IGCSE mathematics and not GCSE mathematics. This means we have a zero percent score at GCSE as this data includes English and Mathematics GCSE. The IGCSE is just as recognised as the GCSE by universities and as such is perfectly acceptable and better suited to our student body. At mathematics last year 71 percent of our students earned a passing grade (4/5) or higher and 73% in English. This is above the national and local average as you can see from the site that this link takes us to. Our results across GCSE improve year on year and we expect continued progress with a greater emphasis on academics being driven by our GCSE years heads Mr. Rodriguez (Form 4) and Mrs. Rodgers (Form 5). We are a non-selective school so do not judge ourselves solely by academic results though and provide a lot of extra ‘value added’ in addition to the exam grades.