Hear what our students have to say about Buckswood...

I would like to say a couple of words about Buckswood School. Buckswood is a family of many nations, more than 50! Buckswood makes me feel safe because I have a Buckswood family supporting me. In Buckswood, I live in one of the boarding houses. We have a Housemaster who is the main wall of our house. We also have support walls who help us. I love Buckswood because it is a friendly place where you can do so many things. I want to invite you to come and join our building.

School House, Junior Boarder

We want to tell you about Buckswood School. Buckswood is a melting pot of nations from all over the world. People come together to create one big family. If you come, you will make string friendships that last forever. You will be able to do this as you can go on many trips over the weekends or in the half term holidays. We have been to London, Canterbury and Brighton, even paint balling as well. On the weekend you also have the chance to go to Hastings to have fun with your friends. You can go shopping and have a meal. Housemasters and Housemistresses are really lovely and always take care of you. If you have any problems they will always support you. You will always have a feeling of safety and familiarity. Come to Buckswood and join our welcoming family.

Form 4, female boarder

I want to tell you a little about Buckswood. At Buckswood we are cared for. I get to play in the football academy which is lots of fun. I feel that Buckswood is a place full of opportunities. We get to have lots of fun activities over the weekend like fashion shows and dance competitions. There are also trips where you can go to the cinema, to London or even go-karting. We can also go to town with our friends to spend our pocket money. I have a Housemaster here who looks after me. I feel safe here and get to enjoy my life. Before I came to Buckswood I was scared but I feel so happy and cared for now.

Sixth Form, Football Academy player