English for speakers of other languages...

The ability to communicate with confidence in English both socially and professionally is increasingly important in today’s globalised world. At Buckswood we are acutely aware of this fact, and many of our pupils decide to come to us primarily to gain language skills that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Consequently, English is central to what we do. Before arrival applicants are provisionally tested so that we can recommend one of the range of courses we offer, and this test is followed up with a more detailed assessment on arrival.

Students are placed on courses and in English classes that suit their ability and complement their other subjects. We offer a range of examination preparation courses, and provide support for those who need it in the form of ‘Extra English’ and ‘International Learning Support’ lessons. Furthermore, we encourage awareness among all teachers and staff of the needs of pupils for whom English is an additional language, with the aim of fostering a supportive and effective learning environment for all.

A summary of our provision:

  • Integration as appropriate in the junior school with International Learning Support.
  • Dedicated English as a Second Language classes from Form 3 upwards.
  • Cambridge English exam preparation (Key, Preliminary and First).
  • IGCSE English Language and English as a Second Language.
  • IELTS preparation for Sixth Formers and required for University entry