Part of the Buckswood manta of ‘Preparing for life’ is to prepare our students for life beyond the classroom. Whether they go on to work in finance, law or engineering they will only succeed if they have the ability to think outside the box. At Buckswood we look to our Arts Departments to widen the mind of our students through creativity and artistic expression.

Buckswood School boasts a two storey stand-alone Art block that offers every scholar the time and space to explore and excel in the world of Art and Design.

In form 4, students can choose to take Art & Design as a GCSE option. This GCSE allows budding artists to really blossom and advance their artistic prowess across Applied Art, Fine Art, Graphics, 3D design and Photography. Art & Design GCSE is a two tiered course which is predominantly work led. Scholars will deepen their understanding of artistic tradition and emerging techniques, all the while honing their own skill set and artistic passion.

Through support from a team of inspiring and experienced Art tutors, scholars at Buckswood will be able to ignite their creative flair in a dynamic, supportive and focused environment.