Our programme of activities, clubs and societies, seeks to find and harness pupil talent in a wide number of areas...



We have a huge selection of activities available for all our scholars to try across the week. Each activity is designed to enrich scholars interests and abilities through extra-curriculum sports and activities. We provide opportunities which include:
• Driving lessons
• Flying lessons (Plane)
• Flying lessons (Helicopter)
• Archery
• Judo
• Kickboxing
• Boxing
• Fencing
• Rock climbing
• Clay Pigeon Shooting
• Sky diving
• Scuba diving
and more….

Wednesday Clubs

Every Wednesday afternoon, lessons give way to clubs. Each term, scholars (Forms 1-5) select a new club – ranging from paintballing to robotics. Some of the clubs available this term include:

• Gym club
• Musical Horse Riding club
• Paintballing club
• Photography club
• Toy Making club
• Pony Care club
• Robotics club
• Rounders club
• Swimming club
• Tennis club
• Volleyball club

6th Form Societies

When our students join the Sixth Form, clubs give way to societies, as we begin to prepare them for the adult world and identify their career paths. The focus of the societies is career based; this allows students to learn in more depth about their proposed university course & career. As part of their articles of association, each society invite two speakers per year, organises a trip per term, produces a project with tangible outcome per term, writes a report per term for the society magazine, connects with a university, researches work experience contacts, runs an academic school promo/expo per year.

Societies this year include:
• English society
• Maths society
• Science society
• Art society
• IT society
• Business society
• Debating society