School Council


At Buckswood we highly value the student opinion and take many opportunities for students to express their ideas and help to shape their school. The School and Boarders’ Councils provide a structured way to garner the pupil voice. The two Councils meet separately at times, as that way we can focus on specific needs of groups within our school family. At times, the two groups meet together and share ideas.

Councillors are elected by forms or houses. Agenda items are circulated to the Chair of the Councils and meetings are held to discuss issues raised by pupils. Frequently, Fred, the school Chef attends council meetings so the pupils can relay food requests directly to him. Visiting guests such as the Proprietor, also attend from time to time. Staff and pupils value, these discussions and we endeavour to pay close attention to requests and deliver what we can or explain reasoning behind decisions made. Examples of requests granted through the Councils are increase in town leave, changes to dining arrangements and of course, minor changes to the school menu! Fred works wonders.