In 1597, the great British Philosopher Francis Bacon stated that ‘Knowledge is Power’. Just as it was true in his time, we at Buckswood believe that this philosophy is key to success in today’s world. There is more to education than just the mainstream curriculum subjects and, as part of our approach to creating well rounded individuals with a good knowledge of the world around them, we offer the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops as part of our own ‘Knowledge is Power’ programme (KiP).

Recent topics
Global Economy
Germany – culture of apology and atonement
Mastery mindset (GCSE)
Modern manners (Form 3)
Maximising success (GCSE)
Montserrat – Living with a volcano (Sixth Form)
Africa – Botswana Form 1
Climate change – Form 2
Pompeii Form 3
Iceland – energy, volcanoes and tourism (GCSE Geographers)
ECIP (selected Sixth Form) – charity work
Cardiology – selected Sixth Form
African drumming and dance (Forms 1,2,3)
Modern day slavery and trafficking (Sixth Form)
Photography (selected Sixth Form)
Water Safety (Forms 3, 4 & 5) – yet to take place

KiP brings in experts from a range of different fields to engage our pupils in thinking more about the world in which we live and these weekly lectures are a great way of expanding our students minds beyond the curriculum.