1. What happens on the first day?

Please arrive for 8.30am. The day will start with Assembly, general orientation and an explanation of the timetable etc. Students will need their pencil case, but no sports equipment on the first day of the academic year.

2. When does school start?

The school day starts at 8.45 am and pupils should be dropped off at the front of school for 8.30am. If a pupil is unable to attend school, please phone 01424 815 915 before 9.30 am.

3. When are assemblies held?

Assemblies are held on Tuesday (Key Stage 3), Wednesday (Key Stage 4 and 5) and Friday (Whole School). They are compulsory for all pupils.

4. When will I receive academic updates?

Parent consultation evenings are held in the Easter term (please see school calendar) and formal assessment tests are set twice per term, following which results are published. Comments are produced weekly and are available for viewing through the school’s SIMS application. Parents can download the free parent app to see this information.

5. Do you produce newsletters?

We send a weekly newsletter to all parents to keep them informed of current events. Latest news and events can also be found on our website.

6. Do pupils have lockers?

Pupils are provided with their own lockable lockers. Day student lockers are in form rooms, boarders have access to their rooms to lock things away. Students should bring a padlock.

7. Where do I purchase a school bag?

The school has book and sports bags available from the school shop on the website. We encourage students to use these bags, but they may bring in their own appropriate bag should they wish.

8. What are the rules around school uniform and where can it be purchased?

Full and correct uniform should be worn at all times, including the correct sports clothing for sports sessions. Top buttons and ties should be done up when wearing the full school uniform. Please name tag all uniform, pupils are reminded that their uniform is their responsibility. The ‘Lost and Found’ box can be found in the uniform shop. Items of uniform can be purchased via the school’s website.

9. When is evening pick up?

Day pupils can be collected from school after prep ends at 4:45 pm. If you are going to be later than 6.15pm picking up, please let the office know. School transport leaves the school at 5:40 pm.

10. What is the procedure for signing pupils out?

Please remember that if you have to take your child off site during the day to sign out using the book in reception.

11. Can day students stay at the school?

If you would like your child to sleep over or stay later after school, this is not a problem. Please do let the office know giving as much advance notice as possible. We do not make a charge for this but perhaps a present to the dorm (sweets, home made cakes etc.) would be nice!?

12. What is the school’s policy on homework?

Students are  given prep each evening, the quantity will vary with age. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we run a silent prep with the Form Tutor where all students can complete this work. Prep diaries are kept daily with teachers initialling work set and work will also be added to the school’s VLE platform (online).

13. What happens if my child receives a detention?

If your child receives a detention then this will be put on our SIMS system. This will take place between 4:45 & 5.40pm or between 4.45pm and when school transport leaves for day students. If day students are placed on Weekend Detention (Sunday) we expect parents to bring them in.

14.  What is the school’s policy on Laptops/ Phones/ Stationery?

Students are reminded that all mobile phones and Laptops are their responsibility. Phones should be turned off during school hours. Laptops can be handed into the Staff Room during lesson times. Laptops are not permitted in school unless there are very specific educational reasons. All students are expected to be prepared for their lessons bringing their own stationery.

15. Where can I find permission forms for extra lessons/activities?

If you would like to take additional lessons (Languages, Music, Horse Riding etc) and haven’t already filled in a Permission Form, please go to the useful forms section of the website.

16. Do you operate a school bus?

We have 4 school buses. These run to Hastings, Rye and the surrounding areas. If you would like your child to use the school bus and find out what routes they take, please ask.