Each year, students- Some of whom have never flown, let alone travelled to the other side of the globe- set off in great anticipation of embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and that is precisely what they experience…

Now, for those who have never been to Hong Kong (now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China), they will almost certainly assume that it is a bustling city-state and harbour, adorned with skyscrapers; a city that, like New York, never sleeps, and where hordes of busy people on a mission travel endlessly on trains, ferries and the efficient and ubiquitous underground system. The reality is, indeed, just that! The group, lead by Mr Sutton and Chinese Teacher, Mrs Callaghan, head off and see all the beauty Hong Kong has to offer, through both tourist attractions and local culture.

After exploring Hong Kong, Scholars pack up and hop on the plane over to Japan, where they are met by Mr Field who takes them on an unforgettable trip, taking a ride on the bullet train seeing Mount Fuji.

A key component of this cultural journey is the opportunity to sample authentic cuisine and to avoid as much as possible the convenience of KFC and Burger King! Instead, we settle for the tiny gems of culinary authenticity and simplicity where the locals ate.