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Junior Football Academy

To be the best, you have to choose the best! Exceptional Football coaching has been part of the Buckswood DNA for many years, with the Buckswood Junior Football Academy proving to be the perfect training ground for younger girls and boys to hone and develop their skills..


Now moving into its fourth year at Buckswood, the Junior Academy instills the discipline and dedication expected for a professional sports industry career and these skills transfer their way into the classroom; leaders on the pitch- leaders in the class!


Juniors receive 4.5 hours of dedicated football coaching with UEFA licensed coaches combining top quality training with a British boarding school education.


The coaches focus on teaching the students the art of football as well as building knowledge in: nutrition, hydration, injuries, stretching and flexibility, weaker foot coaching and individual coaching. Away from the pitch the coaches further enhance players with regular matches, post-match analysis and regular scouting opportunities.


Academy staff not only coach, but also mentor, offering support and guidance in every aspect of life from study, personal organisation, health and fitness, and developing every player to be self-reliant and resilient.