The Buckswood Mission

To create the most challenging and caring schools football academy in the world.

The Buckswood Philosophy

At Buckswood, our school motto is ‘we are preparing for life’ and knowing that every student is different; our warm family atmosphere cultivates a safe, secure space for everyone to flourish, building confidence and resilience whilst discovering new strengths to give every student the tools to succeed.

With this in mind the football academy have developed 4 defining principles to help players develop as footballers and people

Our mission to create the most challenging and caring football academy in the world, is focussed around creating lifelong learners. Athletes who will strive to achieve at school as well as on the pitch. We will guide and advise each of our players as to the next step of their journey whether that be in education or football.

The academy’s main objective when trying to produce the most efficient movers in the game is to develop player’s physical abilities, increase resilience and maximise a players availability to training sessions (Reduce injuries). The players will undertake gym sessions, fitness testing, physical football sessions, recovery sessions, nutritional workshops and have access to a physiotherapist.

Football is a team game. The best players understand this! In Attack, Defence and transition – every moment is an opportunity to influence the game. Our players will learn the importance of this and be effective in every moment! We will educate every player to understand their role and be the best they can be!

The academy’s commitment is to develop each player into a well-rounded individual to help achieve their potential. We believe that everyone should strive to be the best version of themselves every day and with that, every decision and every behaviour matters.

‘Winners train like winners before they’ve won anything’