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An Introduction

Being a sixth former is all about taking the reins of your education and showing the world what you can do! Its about making yourself stand out from the crowd and preparing yourself to take centre stage in your future as you get ready for university and the world of work…


Excellent academic results are not enough in today’s world. You have to be different, but you cannot wait for the world to come to you; you must find an opportunity and seize it! Learn to think outside the box and develop a creative thought process. This is the only way that you will be able to wander this world, hold your head high and have the credentials to secure that university place or job offer you desire.


In the sixth form you only really have 5 terms to make an impression, which equates to only 60 weeks. In these 60 weeks Buckswood encourages you to fill your time with as much as you can, it is the extra activities on offer that will give you the opportunity to be different, and achieve acceptance to your first choice university. This is not the time to take your foot off the gas, but the time to press the accelerator. These 2 years are probably the most important in your life, setting the tone for all future endeavours.


We offer three pathways to nurture a student’s academic talent; The A Levels, IB or UFC courses. Alongside these pathways are extra-curricular to set you apart, the expertise of Mr Shaw, Head of Sixth Form and the wisdom of Mr Sutton, Director, to guide you to your future. With a proven track record of high pass rates and university entrance, achieving 100% University entrance in 2016, Buckswood is the perfect place to step outside the box and set yourself apart; The “Buckswood Difference” is a wonderful thing.


Take a look at our sixth form pathways…