Sports and Speech Day

Speech Day at Buckswood School

Buckswood is many things to many people, but in order to function and succeed as it does, it has to be a dynamic community. it is a community that, by its very nature, is spread all over the world and so when it is time to bring that community together in one place, we have to make it a very special event indeed.

Buckswood school’s Sports & Speech Day is a glorious celebration of the academic year that has just passed, where parents from across the globe come to meet and mingle with the students, teachers, pastoral staff and other parents, it;s chance to compare experiences, enjoy champagne and strawberries and, most importantly, to applaud the achievements of the young people who are the lifeblood of the school.

Together we celebrate the ‘graduation’ of Form V and Sixth-form students in style. A formal black tie cocktail party is held on the Friday night and on the Saturday we drive our departing sixth Formers to a dinner and dance in chauffeured stretch limousines.

All are welcome to attend, whether you are the parents of a former student, an educational consultant, or are considering Buckswood as the next step in your child’s education. Make a note in your diary and make sure you don’t miss out on our hospitality.

Buckswood students are united not only by their successes and their sense of community, but also by their differences. Sports & Speech day is a great opportunity to see that Buckswood world coming together.




Buckswood Speah Day
Girl Students dressed up for Speech day

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