We often say at BEAT that travel is the ‘Fourth Dimension’ in education. 

It assists in placing education in context, for it broadens minds and horizons, breaks down barriers, destroys misconception, enhances knowledge and promotes cultural understanding. It is for those reasons that BeAT has a well-established programme of annual trips, organised in such a way that the trips on offer are entirely appropriate for everyone.

These opportunities for personal growth and character building place BeAT groups ahead of the rest. The trips on offer establish greater maturity, self-discipline, personal organisation and the ability to prioritise; all are essential qualities necessary to enhance success. The programme of trips on offer is ideally suited to the acquisition of these qualities

Who is this suitable for?

Any group ready for an adventure. It would suit IB students, Duke of Edinburgh groups, and / or year groups 10 or 11 needing a team-building exercise or even for groups of staff (for adult trips a trip to the wine region can be included).

Why BeAT?

Buckswood is an independent school in the UK with its sister school based in Tbilisi. We have recently led a camping and walking expedition to the peaks in the Mtianeti Region and in fact conquered the climb with the peak officially being named after us! So what makes this attractive to you? It is tried and tested and we are ‘school group friendly’. The project is set up and run by teachers and experts in our Georgian school. The expedition is flexible to suit your specific needs. As well as a great expedition you are also contributing to the improvement and sustainability of the local community, who will join you and help you while you are at the base of the peek: so come and conquer the peak at 3365m above sea level!