What is Football at Buckswood?

The Buckswood Football Academy is a development centre for players to receive the necessary focus in terms of training hours and provide the quality of coaching and support needed to promote players progresses up the player pathway to a potential professional career.



What makes the Buckswood Football Academy different?

Where the Buckswood approach differs from other Football Academies is the balance struck between football training and education; and the breadth of qualifications on offer from English language courses, short term academic courses, GCSEs, IGCSES, BTECs, ALevels, IB and a University Foundation Course in Football Studies. We recognise that players need to maintain a high level of education at the same time as developing their playing ambitions and keep all career options open.

Does it work?

Buckswood has a solid track record for both Football and academic success and has established a strong reputation for producing professional footballers and academically talented students who go on to study at the UKs top universities in a wide range of both academic and sports related degrees.


Who can join the Buckswood Football Academy?

At Buckswood, you will find a course that is right for you whatever your age, gender, skill level, ambition or length of stay. If you are interested in Football, then Buckswood offers something that will tick all of your boxes; so if you just enjoy the beautiful game, or have what it takes to turn pro, our coaches have the experience, skill and network of contacts to support you reaching your goals!


Will I be scouted?

Every time you train with the Buckswood Football Academy you are already under the nose of a football scout. So if you have the talent you are already that one step ahead of the millions of young players around the world that dream of hitting the big time. In both the Junior and Senior Football Academies you will be training with players already signed with Premiership clubs or international players that represent their countries for their age group.


Football related studies at Buckswood.

There are 9000 players currently in Football Academies in the UK. At the start of the last season 37% of starting XIs in the Premiership were British so here at Buckswood delivering a solid academic programme alongside the Academy training programme is a priority. But the Football industry is not made up of players alone and here at Buckswood we have developed a range of Football related qualifications that will give you the ‘wow’ factor both on and off the pitch. From sports, nutrition and sports health related courses, to the business end of the beautiful game; the academic qualifications on offer at Buckswood can provide valuable insights to help you stay ahead on the pitch or turn your passion into a career off the pitch as a sports merchandise expert, physio or agent.


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