Following government guidance and in consultation with BSA, Buckswood School has put in place plans and procedures for operation of ‘in person’ learning across all year groups at school for academic year 2020-21.

As an independent school, Buckswood is not required to follow all guidance issued for state schools, but where possible is doing so. We have been advised to make plans that suit our unique setting and to ensure that any planning is approved by the school’s insurers and health and safety partners. Planning has been based around the government guidance,

Government Guidance

This planning is guided by the BSA Covid-Safe charter as well as government guidance on systems of controls (the set of actions schools are expected to take, based around the 2 tenets of ‘Prevention’ and ‘Response to any Infection’.)

BSA Covid Charter
Buckswood School Covid-19 planning

Key to ensuring the safety of our students has been the school’s partnership with Oncologica, a renowned testing lab in Cambridge who provide us with rapid access to Covid-19 testing alongside our working with technology firm Fimatix to implement the cutting-edge ‘Shield for Schools’ Bluetooth enabled wristbands which allow the school to identify every member of the school community who has been a close contact of anyone who might test positive for Covid-19.

In uncertain times, you can be certain that Buckswood is doing everything we can to get our students back into school, learning and, as our school motto says, ‘Preparing for Life’!

Boarding student isolation protocol
FAQs October 2020
Late arrivals to school protocol
Localised closures or outbreak plan
Localised closures or outbreak plan[1]
Localised closures or outbreak plan[2]
Risk Assessment new covid-19 Buckswood School
Risk Assessment new covid-19 Buckswood School[1]
Visitors to school protocol
Visitors to school protocol[1]
What to do if guide for day parents
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Classroom cleaning protocol for classrooms during the school day
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