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Admissions Process

Combining a broad and dynamic academic program, alongside our wealth of extracurricular provisions creates an inspiring environment to encourage scholars to have a go at anything, building a strong, self-confident and well-rounded individual.


Choosing the right school for your child can be a complicated and daunting decision, and one that should not be made in haste.


How are applications received?

Applications, both online and by mail are filtered to the relevant person in the admissions department, depending on the nationality of the student. Following this we will send an introduction email, beginning the process outlined below to the parent/agent.


What should parents do if they wish for their child to attend the school?

A parent who is interested in their child attending Buckswood should contact the Admissions department.


How can parents find out about the school’s admission arrangements?

Parents can find out about the school’s admissions arrangements by reading through the admissions pages and admissions policy on the school website, contacting the school or attending an open day.


How are pupils selected?

As we are a non-selective school, we consider every application that we receive and will then follow the processes below.


How are applications processed?

To complete the registration process the admissions department will require:

  • Completion of the Application Form.
  • Photocopy of current passport.
  • Anticipated start date.
  • Copies of academic reports (From the previous year and the one before that, if available:
  • Completion of an English Placement Test (International Admissions Only).
  • Financial ability to meet fees.


After receiving this information, we will process the application in tandem with our academic department, to provide you with a rapid ‘in principle’ decision. Following this we will ask for any further information where required or proceed to issue a Letter of Acceptance.


How are applications considered?

Overseas Applicants

When the school receives and enquiry, we will ask the family or agent to send us a previous academic report and for an international student to complete the English Placement test. After this we will forward reports to the relevant head of department and the English Placement results to the Head of ESOL. These will be reviewed and the Head of Department will confirm whether the student can be accepted and which year they will be placed in.


UK Applicants

Buckswood believes that Choosing the right school for your child can be a complicated and daunting decision, and one that should not be made in haste.

  1. After the application process begins you will be invited for a private tour of the school, meeting with the director and allowing you to gain a clear understanding of what Buckswood can offer your child.
  2. Should you feel that Buckswood is the inspiring environment that your child will thrive in, the next stage is to invite your child to join us for a full taster day so they are able to experience first-hand how the school operates, meet with our scholars and faculty staff and witness the day to day life of a scholar in action. During this day they will sit an assessment please note this is not an entrance exam, merely a means to determine their current academic ability.


Ahead of the taster day, if there is any particular talent or interest, do let us know and we will try to incorporate this in the day.


Buckswood School is keen to encourage those scholars who can excel and flourish within our environment, and provides extensive investments to those students who would benefit from a Buckswood education, but may need some financial assistance. The Buckswood Foundation Fund allows our educational environment to be affordable for all, through Scholarship and Bursary awards.


An offer will be made subject to the terms above, with a 10 day acceptance period. If the 10 day period passes the offer will become null and void.


What happens if the school is oversubscribed? How are places offered if there are more applicants than vacancies?

We operate a waiting list system. For international students this is determined by the UKVI process.


The Admissions Office is open throughout the year and will be delighted to help with all admissions enquiries.
INTERNATIONAL = admission@buckswood.co.uk
UK ADMISSIONS = future@buckswood.co.uk


Buckswood School hosts a number of Open House days, and parents are also welcome to visit the School privately to meet the Director and other staff throughout the year.


Book a spot at an upcoming open day to see Buckswood in all its glory.