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Exam Results and University Success

At Buckswood we specialise in finding and nurturing talent.


When scholars reach the sixth form, that talent is focussed and channelled with a view to future career prospects. Armed with an individually tailored portfolio of wide-ranging experiences, skills and qualifications, a Buckswood graduate really does stand out from the crowd and has a CV that opens doors.


No future employer expects to spoon-feed an employee, and so our young adults are given the skills required for a successful life of increased self-discipline, independence and self-motivated study. Buckswood’s 100% university entry rate demonstrates how this philosophy is working practice, with strong A level and IB options reflecting the importance of university core subjects.


GCSE Pass Rates

Buckswood has raised the bar for academic success, with this year’s crop of GCSE students achieving a pass rate of 68.85% exceeding the national average, building on the schools reputation for success.


Students in the two year GCSE programme surpassed previous years, with overall pass rates sitting at 65% in English and 85% in maths. The one year GCSE has continued to thrive, pulling in a 100% pass rate in English as a first language and 81% in mathematics.


After falls in results on a national level, Buckswood is proud to continue its upward trend of producing graduates armed with the results and skills to come out one step ahead of the curb.


% A*-C
English GCSE 65
English IGCSE (1st Language) 100.00
English IGCSE (2nd language) 86.00
English Overall 71.00
Maths 84.90566038
Science 60.86956522
History 50
French 83.33333333
Business 43.47826087
PE 63.63636364
Spanish 50
Chinese 83.33333333
Computing 80
Art 66.66666667
Geography 66.66666667
Music 100
Graphics 52.94117647
Media 100
Additional Science 66.66666667
Global 25
German 25
Japanese 100
Drama 50
Religious Education 100
Biology 100
Chemistry 100
Physics 71.42857143
Statistics 100
English Literature 70


A Level Pass Rates

Buckswood School is known for its excellent levels of University preparation and with its holistic approach to education, scholars develop the academic and life skills that are key to success.


This year results continued to improve in the A Level programme, with overall pass rates coming in at 91% (A*-E) and 52% graduating with A*-B grades.


% Pass Rate
English Literature 100
Art 100
Photography 100
French 100
Spanish 100
Further Maths 100
Chinese 88
Maths 82
History 75
Business 71
Biology 60
Politics 57
Chemistry 50
Geography 50


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