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In 1597, the great British Philosopher Francis Bacon stated that ‘Knowledge is Power’. Just as it was true in his time, we at Buckswood believe that this philosophy is key to success in today’s world. There is more to education than just the mainstream curriculum subjects and, as part of our approach to creating well rounded individuals with a good knowledge of the world around them, we offer the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops as part of our own ‘Knowledge is Power’ programme (KiP).

KiP brings in experts from a range of different fields to engage our pupils in thinking more about the world in which we live. Activities range from lectures about International banking; the work of Amnesty International; The Red Cross; talks from explorers and authors; an annual visit from a survivor of the Holocaust; various talks about art and art history, through to workshops on English garden design; a series of workshops on different aspects of Philosophy; hands-on conservation workshops and Basic First Aid training for all Lower 6th form pupils. We also work with students to improve their confidence and ability to present themselves positively when facing interview situations by bringing in experts from the Standing Tall programme to teach them these important skills.

This programme is mainly directed at 6th form students, but certain activities are also available to students in other year groups. At Buckswood, we recognise that this is an increasingly competitive world and that it is important for our students to be aware of global issues – both in the present and in the past. By exposing our students to real people who have experienced the different topics in the real world and who are experts in their field, our goal is to inspire as well as educate. At Buckswood, we believe that the more you know, the more you can succeed – that Knowledge truly is Power!

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Knowledge is Power

Christmas Term

Week Day Time Topic Presenter Location Year
2 17/09/2104 AM/PM Pond life Jules Howard Theatre F1-F3
3 24/09/2014
4 01/10/2014 Debating Society
5 08/10/2014 PM The Bomb Factor CND Room 18 F5/L6
6 15/10/2014 PM Coastguard Michael Lawless Car Park/Lecture F1 – F3
7 22/10/2014 Assessment week
9 05/11/2014 Sports Society
12/11/2014 9:00 AM Maximising Success Life Skills Company Lecture Theatre F4 + 1yr GCSE
12/11/2014 PM History of the Piers of Hastings and St.Leonards John Hodges Lecture Theatre All
10 13/11/2014 9:00AM Revision Planning Tim Foot Lecture Theatre F5
11 19/11/2014 Walking across Africa Fran Sandham Lecture Theatre F1- F6
12 26/11/2014 Charity Society
13 03/12/2014 4pm Making documentaries MA4
14 10/12/2014 Exam Week

Easter Term

Week Day Time Topic Presenter Location Year
1 07/01/2015 16:30 The Police in the UK Tom Winsor Lecture Theatre 6th form
2 14/01/2015 16:00 The UN in Syria and Ukraine Alex Ntung Lecture Theatre F5-F6
3 20/01/2015 16:00 European financial situation Richard Comotto Lecture Theatre 6th Form
3 21/01/2015 16:00 Business Society
4 28/01/2015 Mine Clearance Chris Rawle Lecture Theatre F4-F6
5 04/02/2015 The Amazon Sue Cunningham MA4 F1-5
5 04/02/2015 12’s club
6 11/02/2015 Assessment Week
8 25/02/2015 Art History James Kenny Lecture Theatre F4-F6
9 04/03/2015 The Holocaust Rudi Oppenheimer Lecture Theatre F1-F6
10 11/03/2015
11 18/03/2015 Assessment Week

Summer Term

Week Day Time Topic Presenter Location Year
1 15/04/2015 Umpiring at Wimbledon Caroline Gibson MA 4 6th form
2 22/04/2015 Chernobyl Igor Pysemskyi Lecture Theatre All
3 29/04/2015 Crime Scene Investigation Bob Fox Lecture Theatre 5th & 6th
4 06/05/2015
5 13/05/2015
6 20/05/2015 Assessment Week
8 03/06/2015
9 10/06/2015
10 17/06/2015
11 24/06/2015 Assessment Week

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