In line with Buckswood’s philosophy of providing an excellent all-round education, the purpose of the “ Well Fit” programme is for pupils to experience a range of activities and develop skills beyond those in the core curriculum or core games and sports programmes. Hence, whilst composition varies seasonally, we strive to diversify the pupil learning experience and cater for all standards and abilities.

Circuit Training – Low and High Intensity Fitness training involving numerous work stations incorporating activity and body-weight exercises – open to all levels of Fitness

Gym – Use the school’s wide array of fitness equipment for cardio, muscle strengthening, stretching and rehabilitation. Single sex and Mixed Gym sessions available

Boarders Fit – Single sex and mixed sessions in Gym and Circuit training. Boarders only.

Personal Training* – overseen by professional coaches for all levels of fitness. Advice offered in all sessions.

Nutritional & lifestyle advice* – the key to optimum training and wellbeing involves eating the correct food. Our coaches will ensure you are knowledgeable about the correct food and drink to consume for a healthy body and mind. This aspect of ‘Well-Fit’ is a must for elite athletes but available to all. Advice offered in all sessions.