Well you do not find many schools with their own vineyard!  Taking full advantage of our position on the South Coast with a sunny slope – what better resource to build for the school than a vineyard! Every department within the school is encouraged to use every facet of the forty-acre Buckswood estate and the vineyard is just one example where the science department studies life-cycles, the Business Department  studies the cost of production; English Department enjoys reading among the shady vines and the Art Department has a wealth of opportunity to photograph, sketch and paint; Graphics produce the wine labels and Media assists with the marketing!

The Buckswood vineyard was planted 5 years ago taking full advantage of the sloping terrain and the beautiful Southern English climate perfect for grapes. Under the watchful expertise of local award winning winemakers, Carr Taylor Vineyards a variety of grapes were selected and the fruit has grown and established itself as a fine crop with annual harvests being pressed into 750 bottles of Ortega dry white wine and 200 bottles of a sparkling white.

All the wine produced on site is used to raise funds for the Buckswood Foundation and our charitable endeavours in Africa and is available at the annual Sports and Speech day which makes raising money for a good cause satisfying as well as enjoyable!

The vineyard is a typical example of the ‘Buckswood Difference’ making the most of our beautiful campus and providing our students some real world hands-on experience; and what could be more impressive at an interview that “I made wine on our school vineyard!”?