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Most schools value their students by their abilities to pass exams, judging them on a narrow scale that they will never be assessed on in adult life. At Buckswood, we do not recognize the concept of the ‘average’ for everyone is different and we know that everyone is good at something, and we endeavour to find that something. We want our students to have a zeal for life, have passions and not be afraid to try something new.



At Buckswood there are no after-school clubs because there is no such thing as “after-school.” Schooling and learning go on until bed time – and students are encouraged to seek enrichment through their whole lives.

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Every Wednesday afternoon, lessons give way to clubs. At Buckswood we whole heartedly believe that part of a child’s education should be trying lots of different things. How do you know you’re not the world’s next number one if you’ve never given it a go? So many of our Buckswood students have found their passion at a Wednesday club and have gone on to pursue their hobbies as a career – be it becoming a commercial pilot having gained their PPL, shooting for Great Britain or joining the Highland regiment as a Bagpiper, our students learn a sense of adventure and develop the desire to give things a go and not be afraid.


From flying, fencing and fishing, archery, authors club and art, Japanese culture, judo and drone club; there are actually over 50 to choose from and if you can’t find something that sparks your interest; put a good business case together and try your hand in the Director’s study – it worked for the Buckswood Broadcasting Club (the BBC)!



When our students join the Sixth Form, clubs give way to societies, as we begin to prepare them for the adult world and identify their career paths.
The focus of the societies is career based; this allows students to learn in more depth about their proposed university course & career. As part of their articles of association, each society invite two speakers per year,  organize a trip per term, produce a project with tangible outcome per term, write a report per term for the society magazine, connect with a university, research work experience contacts, run an academic school promo/expo per year and mentor the Juniors.



The school has three school fraternities and everyone must support one. The XII Club is home to all former prefects and the club upholds all school customs and traditions, including our annual special occasions. The Debating Society seeks to promote communication and understanding in line with the school mantra “I have no enemies I deal in dialogue”. Charity is the third important cornerstone in the workings of the school. Giving is more important than receiving, and all Buckswood students get involved in some form of charitable work.


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