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Being a Housemaster

Leading a boarding house as a Housemaster or Housemistress is a thrilling and demanding vocation. At Buckswood it is considered as a profession it in its own right; enabling our students to benefit from a caring team solely dedicated to ensuring their welfare, achievement, development and safety across all areas throughout their time at the school.


First and foremost, attainment of an abundant enthusiasm for boarding life, and for helping young people to live happy and purposeful lives is essential for House Staff at Buckswood. The role of House Staff is very intense and emotionally demanding on the one hand, and correspondingly rewarding and fulfilling on the other. The hours are long and must, by their nature, be flexible. However, the school holidays offer opportunities for rest and relaxation away from the school campus. The boarding culture at Buckswood is strong, and weekend activity is vibrant. The position of Housemaster/Mistress is well respected within the School, and is acknowledged to be excellent preparation for further promotion.


As a member of House Staff at Buckswood you will have exciting opportunities to travel the globe as you accompany students on International Trips during Half Term vacations. Through this you will be facilitating the chance for our students to explore new cultures and create gain memorable experiences as valued and trusted guide


As a member of the House staff we expect you to throw yourself into the job be it organising an activity or a trip- the more YOU put into the journey the more you get out of it. There is no idea too mad, just ask and talk it over with the management – your boss encourages this! Our students grow through your enthusiasm for life.


So if House tutoring is for you. How does it work?


You are first and foremost a mentor, you must be a shining light of purity, of fairness, of consistency, of caring and of discipline and structure – you are ‘in loco parentis’. To do this you need to understand the ‘culture’ in which you live and work (remember, living and working in your job go hand in hand so at all times a professional persona must be maintained). Its just like being in the city in an office – but in our view far more important as you are shaping the next generation … wow what a responsibility and what an exciting job opportunity – you are actually making a difference, leaving a legacy on the future of this planet.


The frameworks in which you live and work -all of which you need to read, understand and ask questions as to why and when and how? So there is, like any managerial job a lot of reading and understanding to do before you start. But remember – consistency- caring and genuine understanding is key. Understand the history of the school, the school mission statement, the getting it statement and some of the oddities that make up the Buckswood difference -understanding these make you excellent practitioners.



BUZZ WORDS THAT WILL KEEP CROPPING UP – Boarding school vocab that you MUST understand




Risk assessment

The Hub

The Buckswood Boarding school 10 commandments in the workplace

The Principals of Boarding

Getting it


Frameworks -levels of importance and relevance.

We do not just make it up as we go along. There is a framework and a structure that we follow and that you must adhere to as a professional in your job.

  1. Level 1: National
  2. Level 2: School based
  3. Level 3: House based


Level 1: National Frameworks

These are the statutory requirements and guidance issued by the Department of Education, which are the basis upon which everything we do at Buckswood is done.


  1. The ISI Standards

The SMTs ‘bible’. Do not get bogged down in these just know that they are there to refer to. THE most important thing to do is to always question yourself and the school as to .. I do this but why do I do this and which standard am I covering so that I am making a positive impact on the students in my care. Boarding is NOT a static phenomena- children are developing human beings, things change and develop, as a school and as a mentor so must I within the system of care and safety.

ISI  http://www.isi.net/schools/


The National Minimum Boarding Standards

NMBS https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/boarding-schools-national-minimum-standards

The School operates in accordance with the National Minimum Boarding Standards -as this is a statutory requirement. Every element of the boarding provision at Buckswood has been created in order to meet these standards. As a member of House Staff your role is integral to the assurance that the School is upholding these standards and that the boarding provision within the school is developed. Through weekly meetings with the Head of Boarding, Wellbeing Hub and completing House Staff administration you will be working within these standards so make sure that you are familiar with them. Ask yourself am I doing these, am I upholding these, in my house am I ensuring that I am covering these as the basic standard – if not ask why not.


Standard 1. Statement of boarding principles and practice.

Standard 2. Boarders’ induction and support.

Standard 3. Boarders, health and wellbeing.

Standard 4. Contact with parents/carers.

Standard 5. Boarding accommodation.

Standard 6. Safety of boarders.

Standard 7. Fire precautions and drills.

Standard 8. Provision and preparation of food and drinks.

Standard 9. Boarders possessions.

Standard 10. Activities ad free time.

Standard 11. Child protection.

Standard 12. Promoting positive behaviour and relationships.

Standard 13. Management and development of boarding.

Standard 14. Staff recruitment and checks on other adults.

Standard 15. Staffing and supervision.

Standard 16. Equal opportunities.

Standard 17. Securing boarders’ views.

Standard 18. Complaints.

Standard 19. Prefects.

Standard 20. Lodgings (this does not currently apply within Buckswood School as lodgings are not provided).


Keeping Children Safe in Education

This is statutory guidance from the Department for Education issued under Section 175 of the Education Act 2002, the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014 and the Non-Maintained Special Schools (England) Regulations 2015. Buckswood School regards it when carrying out all duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Every element of the boarding provision at Buckswood reflects this statutory guidance and it is the responsibility of House Staff to ensure that they are working within this guidance at all times. As part of your contractual obligation you will have had to read this and signed to say that you have done so.

Keeping children safe in education Gov UK-Keeping Children Safe in Education


Level 2: The School

Responsibilities and practice have led to expectations that have been developed in order to adhere to these national frameworks. This is how the school operates and how the role of House Staff works in relation to the statutory requirements and guidance. Remember your job is about interpreting the Level 1 guidelines and putting them into a localised practical and workable ‘modus operandus’ within the local environment. Again remember even though the guidelines are government written they are broad enough to ensure ‘local’ interpretation- ie the school BUT there must be substantial evidence to back up each activity (but this is the job of the Head of Boarding to set and to implement and instruct).


In addition, Buckswood is a member of the Boarding Schools Association. This membership provides opportunities for training and development of boarding practice.

BSA http://www.boarding.org.uk


The School Staff handbook and School rules

Yes you are back at school… rules and regulations dos and do nots! Any company in the city of London or any working environment will have a very thick staff handbook of things that you have to do and not do -working as a member of the House staff team is NO exception -it is a ‘proper jobs’ you need to know what to do, what is acceptable and what is not. So this may be the opportune moment to settle into the handbooks and digest what the school is really about. It has been said that all schools are the same, no Buckswood is different and you need to know why it is and what our USPs are and how you fit into this and more importantly how you can make a difference to the company and more importantly to the students. Consistency is key but individuality is encouraged. Surely you remember at school the good teacher and the bad teacher – now it is your turn to make that positive difference- but the ‘boring paperwork’ and framework is essential in ensuring that everyone is singing off the same song sheet.


Useful booklets that must be read in conjunction to this one 

The following booklets are published by the school and should be read in conjunction with this – but the school website is an important tool for you to use, and to keep up to date.


INSET booklet This is a vital document that will help you get yourself sorted for the start of the term. It is a tick list that must be completed BEFORE you start the term. Established staff need to think that they are new staff … things change and updates are made, so returners be prepared to update yourselves!
School rules booklet This outlines the school rules and regulations for the students (and staff). You need to know these so that there is consistent approach to the way both sanction and reward is undertaken at the school. There is a very clear behaviour policy, with the rules and a traffic light system to back this up.
Safeguarding booklet You must have a copy of this. Extra copies can be obtained from the hub
House staff training log Boarding is a continuous, progressive development and therefore on-going training and development is logged individually.
The week ahead (student) This is a book that the boarders complete that helps them plan for the forthcoming week and helps think about their health needs for that week
The weekend booklet (boarder) Weekends must be a constructive time therefore we have created a book called REST and SCORE that helps students plan their weekend appropriately. Naturally the planning does not always work out but on a weekend the house staff will talk through this with them
Risk assessments around the campus Part of safeguarding and wellbeing is to ensure that the safety of the students and staff are our number one priority, therefore we have a resident expert that has written a set of risk assessments for the campus. He can also help you with any added assessments that may be needed.

Any questions? I hope so as we encourage as many questions as possible…


Boarding Principles and Practice (NMBS 1)

The starting point within boarding – our mission statement or manifesto: Buckswood has a clear statement from which all elements of boarding are based and developed. This is displayed upon each Housemaster/Housemistress door in order for all students and staff to remain aware of the principles upon which provision is founded at all times.


The aim of boarding at Buckswood School is to provide a safe and secure environment for the personal and academic development of each boarding student whilst ensuring their health and wellbeing. The Buckswood ethos aims to reflect, as far as is possible in a communal environment, the best values of family life. The Boarding experience encourages tolerance, respect for others, kindness, spiritual and moral awareness, personal development, general welfare and self-discipline. It develops independence, strength and ability within the individual to function as part of a team. Care is taken to ensure the Buckswood ethos and desired atmosphere is promoted across the Boarding Houses, whilst at the same time maintaining the individual character of each house and ensuring a progression of responsibilities and privileges commensurate with the different age groups.


Question yourself daily -have you fulfilled the above ??? If not -why not? We are not saying you will do so daily but if you have not ask yourself why not and try and ensure that tomorrow you improve on today … this is what you expect of your children so demand it of yourself.

Principles of Boarding https://www.buckswood.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Boarding-Principles-and-Practice-Statement.pdf


Boarders  Induction (NMBS 2)

A good and organised start is an excellent way to ensure that everyone gets a fair start on the journey ahead of them (same goes for you). House Staff will complete the School’s boarding induction process with all students in their respective houses. This is to ensure that all boarders are confident with the policies and procedures that are in place to ensure their safety, wellbeing, personal development and welfare within the boarding community. It is the chance for House Staff to interact with the students in their care and provide clarity as to the role they will be performing throughout their time at the school. Through this process Buckswood ensures that all boarders are equipped to begin their education at the school. Induction will be evaluated and reviewed by the Head of Boarding in order to ensure best practice. Get to know your students well and help them to settle in and understand how the school works. Remember you are dealing with children who naturally will try and push the boundaries, it is part of being a teenager, it is our job as mentors to ensure that they know the boundaries that we set and more importantly understand the rational reasoning behind the rules.


Supervision(NMBS 15)

Buckswood ensures that the students in our care are under the responsibility of designated staff at all times; outside of the academic day this is the responsibility of House Staff. Registration times in house are in operation in the morning and evening (manual) to ensure that boarders are accounted for specifically during House Staff duty times in addition to the registrations that take place during the academic day. Should you find a boarder missing from a registration you must enact to the Missing Student Policy through the duty senior manager.

MBP Missing Person Policy

Missing Student Records


Duty rotas ensure that supervisory requirements are covered at all times. It is imperative that should you be unable to complete a designated duty that you inform the HoM Logistics as soon as possible in order for the cover staff to take over your duty. Ensure that you understand your duty responsibilities. Remember a busy child is an active child, a child that is learning from others. A bored child is not a Buckswood child!


The Daily Routine

Days are long but very rewarding, remember the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Below we outline some of the day to day functions that must be done -for every task- there are 10 unwritten ones! Consistency and care are essential for every task. It is important that you follow the routine as there are many knock on effects if you do not from domestic to maintenance and therefore the impact on the child.


At Buckswood the day begins at 7am with Wakeup -you will be ensuring that your boarding house is awake and ready for the school day. This operates a registration. Ensure that your house register has been completed. It is during this time that you can address any medical concerns that are apparent by communicating with BHS in order to provide a medical handover as well as check the house for maintenance needs which need to be communicated to the Headmaster by 7.15am. These are just some of the procedures that ensure the health and wellbeing of our boarders.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – therefore Buckswood offers our boarders a buffet breakfast in the Dining Hall from 7.30- 8.15am (external houses offer an additional option of breakfast in-house). It is important that you encourage your house to attend and ensure that if they have not that they have eaten before the school day begins. Those that attend breakfast must be recorded on the in house daily register so that patterns can be looked at and mealtime encouraged.


8.15am House Inspection by the Headmaster on campus. It is an important part of the day where each student is greeted before beginning their school day. It is a time for your boarding house to be tidy and show that you, as a house community are prepared for the day ahead. External houses complete their own inspection. It is also a time for your house to demonstrate their talents with a house song or dance to start the day off.


8.45am – With inspection over it is time you wish your students well for their day and ensure that the house is empty. Ensure that the Daily House Handover Book is up to date and that any administration is completed.


16.30pm – It is time to be back on duty and bring enthusiasm and energy for the evening programme. Ensure that medical handover is completed and that any medical issues are addressed.


17.00pm- Through Squads our boarders have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of both sporting and non-sporting activities. This is one of the sessions that you will be planning for so make sure that all preparations have been completed in order to give the participants the most valuable experience possible; it could be football one day and baking the next.


17.45pm – Our Junior Boarders have dinner at the same time as House Staff. Ensure that you are assisting as appropriate in order to assure our younger boarders are displaying expected behaviour and manners. It is important that high expectations are set and good manners are upheld.


18.15pm – Return to your boarding house and complete a check that all students have made their way to the Dining Hall for senior dinner. This is a meal for the senior boarding community and attendance is compulsory as a registration.


18.30 – 19.15pm- Ensure that any house staff administration and activities preparation has been completed. This is one of the sessions that you will be planning for so make sure that all preparations have been completed in order to give the participants the most valuable experience possible. You may be assigned a campus patrol duty during this time. Ensure that patrol sheets are completed and handed to the Deputy Head of Boarding.


19.15 -20.15pm – This is the opportunity to utilise your energy and expertise by delivering your planned activity. The extra-curricular programme is held in high regard at Buckswood. It is important that you are encouraging students to participate.


20.30pm-21.30pm (19.30-21.30 on Wednesdays) – Prep Time. Providing the right academic environment and expectations is an important part of the role of  House Staff. This is the time where your house is quiet and that you are facilitating the achievement of each individual’s full academic potential.


22.30pm (21.45pm for Junior Boarders) -Lights out. It is important that you are ensuring that our boarders are getting enough rest.


Boarders Health and wellbeing (NMBS 3)

Buckswood Health Service

Buckswood Health Service (BHS) is situated in a purpose built, detached building within the school grounds. It has consulting rooms where scholars can speak privately with a nurse. It also has a suite of rooms where staff are able to care for students who are too unwell for school. The Health Team is made up of: three trained nurses who are supported by health assistants and an administrator. Our aim is to enable students to remain as healthy as possible and support them when they are unwell whilst at school. The nurses have a wide range of experience and will usually be able to help a student without needing to consult with a doctor. However, they liaise closely with the GP surgery and will, at their discretion, either consult with them by telephone or arrange an appointment for a scholar to be seen. House Staff meet daily with the medical staff in order to communicate relevant medical information and ensure continued health and wellbeing of all boarders.

BHS www.buckswood.co.uk/life-at-school-and-campus/buckswood-health- service/buckswood-health-service

As part of the weekly house meeting House Staff will promote health and wellbeing. Students shall complete The Week Ahead book; this encompasses the setting of daily health targets for the following week. It is House Staffs’ responsibility to review these aims with students and identify both positive and negative behaviours in relation to healthy living. This is a opportunity for planning to be promoted within the boarding house.


Communications (NMBS 4 and 13)

Buckswood encourages its students to be in regular contact with their parents/guardians/ carers. As House Staff it is responsibility to ensure that this is facilitated as necessary. Effective communication is paramount within Buckswood School in order to ensure that the best provision is being delivered. There is a boarding hierarchy, which ensures effective management of boarding and its development. Communication internally and externally MUST be kept professional at all times as ALL and ANY communication can be used in a court of law if needed.

Boarding Departmental Structure


Who is who- Communication and where do I fit in within the organisation?

It is important that each person is aware of their expectations and that others are also aware of what role their colleagues at the school have. This is part of the good communication and transparency practice followed at the school.

The organisational Chart www.buckswood.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Organisational-Chart-2017- 18.pdf
Each employees Job description www.buckswood.co.uk/administration/who-do-i-contact/job-descriptions


The House System (NMBS 5, 15)

Buckswood ensures that House Staff are assigned to each of its boarding houses who are responsible for them. House Staff are solely dedicated to this role. As a member of House Staff it is your responsibility to ensure that the boarding house reflects the ethos of the school and that it is maintained to the highest standard -yes just like Harry Potter! Each boarding house is cleaned daily by the School’s Domestic Team. It is important that you operate within open channels of communication with them in order to safeguard all students. Ensure that any concerns are brought to your attention are addressed in accordance with the School’s Safeguarding Policies.


You are welcome to make the house your own. If there is anything that you feel would be a welcome addition then please feel free to discuss it. Ideas are always welcomed. The school promotes healthy competition between the boarding houses. Your house is your identity within the community and it is expected that you will take great pride in it in order to give the absolute best for each boarder residing there.



Keeping Boarders Safe (NMBS 6,7,9)

What is safety? – un’derstand the modern meaning of this. It isn just safely crossing the road – it is a massive responsibility for you as a member of the House Staff and therefore the safety of all students at Buckswood is of paramount importance safety both mentally and physically.


The school has rigorous Health and Safety policies, which are in place to ensure boarders’ safety. Each House is equipped with a fire panel which is to be checked weekly in order to ensure student and employee safety.

Health and Safety Policies


As House Staff, your role in ensuring student safety is integral and is of the utmost importance. The safety HQ is based in the school hub where you can seek advice and resources to help you. Being safe covers safeguarding, wellbeing, risk assessments and maintaining current and up to date policies.



Buckswood has a code entry system which must remain confidential in order to safeguard the students in our care. It is important that you wear your identity badge at all times whilst on campus or on an off-campus excursion or residential trip. Ensure that you are adhering to the Visitors Policy at all times.


Each boarding house is equipped with a fingerprint entry system which ensures unauthorised access is prohibited.


Students are issued with a personal safe and safe key if they reside in a shared dorm in order to protect their personal possessions. Each dorm is accessed with a personal key card to restrict entry from students other than those who reside in that dorm. Staff are issued with a master key for their boarding house in order for dorms to be accessed.


Safety of the students in your care must be prioritised when you undertake your duties. It is the responsibility to ensure that risk assessments have been completed and approved by the Health and Safety Officer before activities and/or excursions can proceed in order to safeguard the students in the care of Buckswood. Risk assessments are evaluated and reviewed by the Health and Safety Officer.


By completing daily maintenance checks within the house and surrounding areas and following the reporting procedure for this you, as a member of House Staff are ensuring student safety.


The Wellbeing Hub (NMBS 3,6,11,12)

Buckswood School ensures that its students are safe, emotionally secure and stimulated. Our students’ needs are integral to everything we do. It is our desire that all of our students form open, harmonious and trusting relationships that enable them to express their feelings and opinions. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play in safeguarding children. In order to fulfil this responsibility effectively, all professionals should make sure their approach is child-centred. This means that they should consider, at all times, what is in the best interests of the child. In the light of this, we want every child to develop and grow into young citizens of the world that can take their place in society with strong values and morals, knowing the values of what is right and what is wrong. The student’s wellbeing is our number one priority. Therefore, we have a Wellbeing hub that is based in the centre of the school that any child or employee can use as a base to pop in for a chat, use as a resource base or as a support centre. House Staff must ensure that they check in once a week to discuss the Safeguarding topic of the week with the Safeguarding Officer. There is a Safeguarding Department Structure link below.

Hub https://www.buckswood.co.uk/administration/policies/hhs-policies/
Hub https://www.buckswood.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Safeguarding-departmental-structure-1.pdf


Wellbeing and Administration

House Staff are required to complete weekly administration that reflects the School’s commitment to safeguarding its students and promoting welfare. These documents can identify areas that may need to be reported to the Safeguarding Officer or Designated Safeguarding Lead.


The Buckswood Person is designed to be utilised in order to identify any welfare concerns and to promote personal development for each individual.

The Buckswood person https://www.buckswood.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/The-Buckswood-Person-Welfare-Spider-diagram-1.pdf

Completion of The Week Ahead Book and Weekend Book enable students to plan their time and set weekly objectives. It is important that effective planning is encouraged within the boarding community in order to ensure that each student can maximise their potential in all areas and strive to develop themselves on a weekly basis.


Furthermore, they provide an opportunity for the Safeguarding Team and Head of Boarding to review and reflect upon the objectives that students are setting themselves and whether they are being achieved in order to promote welfare and development. Conclusions drawn from this review process can feed into development plans for boarding within the School (NMBS 17).


It is through this regular meeting with the house that boarders’ views can be communicated in order to develop boarding practice within the School. Feedback from our students concerning extra-curricular activities and food is an excellent way of determining whether the provision is enabling them to achieve their aims and objectives. This is of paramount importance in order for students to have a participative role within the creation of excellent boarding provision.


Completion of the House Staff Weekly Checklist ensures that the house is reviewed each week and that commentary is provided concerning the outcomes of the previous week. It is the opportunity to reflect upon the week as a house and to ensure that each boarder is equipped for the week ahead through effective communication and evaluation. It is a time to ensure that the week has come to a close and been signed off in order to begin the next week with a clean slate. It is important that any comments are entered onto the 3Sys system so that staff and parents/carers are able to view student’s activity.

Meeting https://www.buckswood.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/House-Staff-Weekly-Booklet.pdf


Evaluation and review of this administration by the Head of Boarding can feed into development plans for boarding within the School.


Activities and Free Time (NMBS 10)

It is important that our boarders find time for leisure during their time at school. Our extra-curricular activities provision offers an abundance of choice. There is truly something for everyone. As House Staff this is your time to shine, as you will bring the enthusiasm and energy -we are the active ones amongst the staff. It is important that you are aware of those who may not be participating and encourage them to do so. Try something new. This is where the Weekend and Week Ahead Book plans come into force as students should have a plan of what they wish to achieve during the week. Boarders have two activities sessions each weeknight that they can attend.


The Weekend

Buckswood’s weekend programme is representative of the child-centred learning approach that the school adopts within its boarding provision. The weekend is the House Staff’s time to shine and energise our boarders. With the Buckswood’s SCORE and REST approach to the weekend, our boarders achieve more than they thought possible and learn valuable independent living skills that will help them at university and beyond: finding the balance between what we have to do and what we want to do.

Weekend Activities


In order to ensure that our boarders are accessing an excellent extra-curricular activities programme you will also complete a weekly House Staff Activity Planner. This enables our students to participate in well-planned activities which have been risk assessed in accordance with the school’s risk assessment policy in order to ensure both student and staff safety and wellbeing whilst promoting personal development for our boarders

Boarding Policies


By planning, and subsequently evaluating extra-curricular activities development of the programme can be facilitated.


In addition, Buckswood Big Events are run by House Staff. These are considered anchors within the school calendar and are unique to Buckswood.


Fashion Show

Christmas Balls

Harry Potter Formal Dinner

House Dance Competition

Bonfire Night

Burns Night

Valentines Ball

Oscars Night

House Talent Show

Thorpe Park Trip

Annual Tea Party


Boarders may request leave which is applied for via an online form on the school website. You must ensure that you are aware of any weekend leave requests and that this marked on your in house register in order for account for all boarders.


Food at Buckswood School (NMBS 8)

The Dining Hall

Buckswood School provides its boarders with home-cooked meals three times a day in the Dining Hall. Menus are available for students to view in advance and all dietary requirements can be accommodated. It is the responsibility of House Staff to monitor all students eating habits in order to ensure their health and wellbeing. Concerns should be reported to the Safeguarding Officer if deemed necessary.


In addition, the school offers the 6th Form a coffee shop option in the form of TJ’s where they can opt for a lighter lunch or grab a cup of tea at break time and The Tuck Shop provides our students with the opportunity to purchase snacks.


Each boarding house is equipped with a kitchen; providing appliances that enable the students to enjoy preparing snacks independently during the evenings and at weekends. This is reflective of the School’s mission; Ad Vitam Paramus – We prepare for life.  House Staff must ensure that food and drink provisions for the house are managed effectively.

Food At Buckswood


Behaviour Expectations (NMBS 12)

Just as there are rules that govern society, there are rules that govern Buckswood in order to promote positive behaviour.


Students are expected to adhere to the School Rules and as a member of House Staff it is your responsibility to promote positive behaviours and act as a role model; promoting good manners and positive attitudes. Should it be necessary you will enforce these rules in accordance with the School’s policies and procedures. It is imperative that any incidents of concern are reported on an incident form which should be passed to the Head of Boarding upon completion in order for it to be addressed by the SMT. It is important that accurate reports are processed on the 3Sys system in order to ensure transparency with regards to behavioural incidents whether they be positive or negative.



As a professional, your behaviour should set an exemplary example for the students in your care. You are expected to adhere to the Staff Code of Conduct at all times.

Code of Conduct


A Housemaster Top 10 has been created in order to give you guidance with regards to your behaviour.

  1. Your room should remain a private space and students should not enter that space with or without permission.
  2. It is unacceptable to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes/ e-cigarettes or take any illegal substance with a student present at any time even if they are over 18.
  1. You must not be alone with a student at any time behind a closed door. Use communal areas should you need to speak with a student/s.
  2. Remember to only expose students to age appropriate materials. Examples: dvds and Internet content.
  3. Do not befriend a student on any form of social media. If a student befriends you, remove them as this presents a child protection issue.
  4. Remember you are a mentor to the students in your care. Your behaviour should reflect this at all times. The use of expletives is not appropriate at any time when speaking with students and/or colleagues, parents or guardians.
  5. Students are expected to respect your personal space so you need to respect theirs. Remember to knock on doors before entering a student’s room.
  6. Stop and think before you commence anything! Have you risk assessed it? Has it been approved to go ahead?
  7. You are still a member of Buckswood staff when you are outside of school. Socialising/ fraternising with students outside of school is not appropriate at any time.
  8. Remain professional when communicating with colleagues, parents or guardians. Language should be professional at all times. Refrain from communicating personal opinions.


IF IN DOUBT, ASK! There is a wealth of knowledge and experience around you – use it!


Training (NMBS 13)

Buckswood School is committed to safeguarding all the students in our care and developing our boarding practice. CPD of House Staff is facilitated through utilising the House Staff Training Log. Statutory requirements and guidelines are monitored by the SMT to ensure that statutory training can be completed as appropriate. You will complete regular training courses as a member of House Staff so that you are equipped to provide the best care and support for the boarding community as well as develop yourself professionally. It is important that you feel free to identify any areas where you may need additional training so that this can be facilitated. This log will form part of your annual appraisal and will be reflected upon at your Half Termly review with the Head of Boarding.

Training https://www.buckswood.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/House-Staff-LOG.pdf


M: Prefects (NMBS 19)

Buckswood operates a Prefect system. Each boarding house will have a designated prefect (some may have more). It is important that you communicate with your prefect and work as a team.

The Prefect System


   The Weekend Programme  

              Pupil Welfare             


        Boarding Hierarchy        

           Boarding Policies          

          Boarding Houses           

HouseMaster Job Description