History and Politics

Form 3 has looked at the Civil Rights Movement in the USA this week. The students produced a timeline of key events in the USA since the abolition of slavery in 1865 and explored why racial tensions still exist today.

Form 4 finished the module on the American West by looking what life has been like on reservations for Native American tribes. They looked at how the Dawes Act of 1887 encouraged the native people to farm.

The L6 class has looked at how Thatcher’s policies have resulted in regional and social inequalities throughout the UK. The students have also looked at some past exam paper questions to practise source analysis.

The IB students have been collating resources for their Internal Assessment coursework. Zoe is exploring how the painter David portrayed the French Revolution and Ignacia is focusing on press censorship during the Pinochet regime in Chile.



The L6 Politics students have been analysing the important of Interest Groups in the USA. We have looked at the largest trade union in the USA, the AFL-CIO, and how influential it has been at formulating public policy.


Lower Sixth IB

The L6IB have really engaged with Teams, attending their lessons and doing their work. They have been getting ahead with coursework, working in their presentations for TOK, their extended essays and CAS.  10 willing volunteers are kindly supporting Alex with his Biology experiment. The students have attended a considerable number of Access Times and I have lost count on the number of commendations awarded and to whom.  A fantastic term showing great focus and commitment. I have also been impressed by the IB taster students who have engaged with their online lessons and done some amazing work.



Form 1

Tibbie has been the star of Form 1 with some excellent and accurate contributions over the last three weeks. Others who made notable contributions include George, Berat, Sonny, Tom and Finlay. We completed up to chapter 7 of the Hobbit and they have been asked to finish reading this over the summer and complete the questions based on the text. An excellent and hard working group..


Form 3

At the end of the term there are some students who have made exceptional contributions to the online classes. These were Alexander and Olivia, Thomasina, Daisy , Isabella, Connor and Connor. We completed the analysis of two very different sonnets with some interesting insights into the meanings of the poems. Over the summer they will be preparing for their GCSEs by researching Victorian England and Charles Dickens focusing on the text Christmas Carol. This is the first text to be studied at the start of Form 4. Some excellent a hard working students.


Form 4

We completed the initial analysis of the characters in Inspector Calls. There were some excellent contributions from Zola, Maggie, Jake, Steven, Zidane and Indigo. Over the summer they will be finishing the study of this text and completing a work booklet and then attempting a past examination question. They have been a very hard working group and have worked hard.