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Sports Ethos

We all know that sport isn’t for everyone; we might not like football or be a fan of cross-country running; but we all know that learning to have grit and determination is what gives us the stamina to see things through. At Buckswood, we believe that sports should be competitive; the world is competitive and all our students have to learn what it takes to win.


At Buckswood there is a sport for everyone! From archery, chess, fencing, flying, fishing, kick-boxing, judo, basketball, hockey as well as the traditional British sports played throughout the seasons like tennis, cricket, football and netball, Buckswood is a place where the beginner can dip their toe and try new sports or international champions can further their training.


Students are encouraged to have a spirit of adventure and not be afraid to give new sports a try. With over 50 sports to choose from spread across the curriculum and the Wednesday Clubs and Activities programme, Buckswood provides the coaching and facilities to keep every student health and fit.


Throughout their school career every student will represent the school in one of the various sports teams and with a £200k professional gym, professional sports coaches and six dedicated sports academies, every student gains strengths in leadership and tactical play that transfer into classroom success.