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Sports Academies

When you are looking to combine your child’s education with specialist training in either sports or the creative arts, Buckswood has an Academy for you! With professional coaches, associations with top clubs and organisations and ample opportunities to showcase what you can so, Buckswood specialist academies have the expertise and connections to develop your child’s talent without their mainstream education taking a back seat.


When performance matters, there is an Academy at Buckswood that will push you to be your best. Each Academy is led by dedicated professionals, and you will be studying alongside other gifted and talented students all eager to get ahead in their chosen disciplines and there is much to be gained from training alongside Footballers who have already trailed and signed for top clubs, or who already play for their national teams, Equestrians who are European champions or meeting international superstars from the Rugby and Football world.


To find out more about our six specialist academies click on their pages or take a quick look in our Sports Academies at a glance brochure to the left.

Sports Academies