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Sports for life

At Buckswood health and fitness are for life, not just for school. We promote a positive attitude towards both physical and mental health through sports and have the support mechanism in place for those looking to keep fit right through to those girls who want to pursue a sports related career path.


From the Junior School right through to the Upper Sixth all Buckswood students participate in Sports. From time-tabled lessons, to Wednesday’s clubs and activities programme to the onsite Gym and swimming pool, at Buckswood we promote a ‘health body, healthy mind’ attitude that filters through to attainment in the classroom.


There are many transferable skills that Buckswood Girls take from their sporting activities including self-discipline, time management, commitment and striving to be the best. These are all attributes that can be applied to yourself but also your team and classmates and your school. To represent yourself and your school with pride is a goal every girl should aspire to.


There are many opportunities for Girls to pursue Sports as a career and there are trips to universities, sports venues and occasions to talk with women who are out there making a living doing what they love and giving Buckswood girls an experience of life as a professional first hand.