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Mentoring and coaching

With a wide ranging Girls Sports curriculum, you are going to need to a Sports Staff complete with a mutli-disciplined approach. At Buckswood you will find experts with professional, semi-pro playing and coaching careers and qualifications in Netball, Rugby, Football and Equestrian to name just a few of the opportunities available to girls at Buckswood...


Girls Sports at Buckswood is under the watchful eye of Head of Girls Sports, Marianne Godon. Marianne has been participating in sports from a very tender age and attributes her love of sport to her primary school where she was able to try her hands at many different disciplines. Marianne has over 16 years teaching experience and has worked at Private schools both here in the UK and internationally and is supported at Buckswood by a number of other Sports Professionals in delivering the Girls Sports Programme and mentoring the young ladies in their care.