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Player Pathway- How to make it

The first step to making it as a professional Football player is to want it, so you have already made the first step by visiting the South of England’s premier Football Academy. In both Academies you will find Premiership and international coaching experts, a tailored training programme, excellent facilities with additional health and fitness support combined with a quality education allowing you to balance your development alongside your academic career.


But to make it takes more than being in the right place, it takes determination and commitment from you. There is a well-known football saying that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to make it as a professional; but it has to be the right training. There are players who have cut their careers short by training too hard, too fast and so become injury prone and a bad investment for a club.


With many years’ experience in preparing player to join the professional world of football both on and off the pitch, your development is in safe hands at the Buckswood Football Academy. Many young players select Buckswood to complement their training at a Premiership Development Centre, and so you will find the calibre of your fellow academy members is unrivalled in a school-based Football academy.


And at Buckswood you will be training under the noses of Premiership scouts and playing against semi-professional teams, so you will be training in the right way in the right place at the right time – all you need to do is bring the talent!


This chart sets out where the Buckswood Football Academy sits in the player pathway.