Why join the Buckswood Football Academy?

When you are looking at joining any Football Academy there are a number of questions you should ask to be confident that you are investing your time and energy in the right way. It is a well-known football fact that to become a pro you will need to have trained for around 10,000 hours, but the wrong type of training will shorten your career and damage your chances. So what should you find out?



1.      Who will be training me?

At Buckswood you will find our Football coaches are led by Magro, a pro licence coach with both Premiership and International experience. Working with Magro is a team of professional UEFA licenced coaches with specialities that stretch across the game from video analysis, goal keeping to strength and conditioning and our health team support the coaching staff with physiotherapy and general health and fitness.


2.      What opportunities will I get?

Buckswood competes at the highest level of English school Football, competing both at County and national level. Internationally, Buckswood compete in European challenge cups against other Academy sides. Because of the quality the Buckswood Football Academy produces (consistently finishing in the top four in the UK), our teams are also eligible to play against professional and semi-professional academy sides such as Gillingham FC, Hastings United, Maidstone United and Lewes FC.


3.      How successful is the Academy in placing players?

With Buckswood Football Academy players in the UK Premier League already, you can rest assured that if you have the talent, we have the pathways to help you towards a professional career up the player pathway. Every year we have 100% of our players in front of professional scouts and we regularly chaperone our players to professional trials both in the UK and in Europe to give them the support and guidance they need to make the most of the opportunities ahead of them.


4.      What makes Buckswood different?

Not only will you maintain our academic studies in a British boarding school environment you will benefit from training with players that are already competing at the top levels for their age group but also players from all over the world. In the Buckswood Football Academy you will learn from each other and become a truly rounded player, used to and able to play in the English, European, South American, Asian and African style so will soon be the adaptable, flexible, skilful player with the attitude and ability to make it as a pro.


5.      How do I apply?

Places at the Buckswood Football Academy are limited to ensure the quality of coaching and study each player receives. To apply for a place or to find out more about VISA requirements or any other issues related to joining Buckswood click here to fill in an enquiry form….

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