Fitness and health

  • Complete advanced circuit in 4 minutes
  • Do 1oo consecutive sit ups and be able to hold a plank for I minute including with one arm up for some of the time
  • Fast walk or run 5k without stopping
  • Put casualty into recovery position and open airway, perform poolside resuscitation
  • Try out a new sport of kayaking, paddle board , open water swim or river run
  • Explain what would be a healthy post exercise snack and why
  • Name 6 major muscles

Personal safety and safety

  • Complete Rookie Lifeguard Silver Level
  • Swim England Preliminary safety skills award
  • Know how to build a survival shelter, a camp fire and leave the site safely
  • Swim England Personal Survival Silver level
  • Know how to change a wheel

Cooking and life skills

  • Know how to use a washing machine and iron a shirt
  • Know how to present yourself at interview and explain
  • Participate in at least three “Cooking for life” classes and cook spag bol for 3 friends
  • Be able to sew on a button and sew up a hem and explain how to be safe in your room: cooking, fridge, electrics, bathroom
  • Know how to press trousers
  • Know how to use public transport in London and be able to read an English timetable of transport