Each of these items must be signed off before the badge can be achieved.

Fitness and health

  • Complete basic circuit in 5 minutes
  • Do 30 consecutive sit ups and be able to hold a plank for I minute
  • Fast walk or run 1k without stopping
  • 100 on punch bag or pads according to tuition
  • Put casualty into recovery position and open airway
  • Know how to stop a bleeding wound
  • Attend a good nutrition course and produce a three day food diary explaining your choices
  • Know how to make your own natural energy drink being able to explain why you have included the ingredients

Personal safety 

  • Complete Rookie Lifeguard Bronze Level
  • Swim England Preliminary safety skills award
  • Know how to build a survival shelter

Cooking and life skills

  • Know how to use a washing machine
  • Know how to iron a shirt
  • Know how to present yourself at interview
  • Participate in at least one “Cooking for life” class and cook a mac cheese for 3 friends
  • Learn how to sew on a button
  • Check oil in car
  • Do a good deed for member of the school community

Cyber safety

  • Know how to stay safe on line and explain