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We strongly believe in trying to teach students the value of money, whereby students learn how to budget, to give to charity from their own pocket or pay for their own lost books or pencils, rather than you the parent having to pay out all of the time “Money must be respected, it does not grow on trees” is the message to the students. We also believe that students should not have to cope with competitive financial pressure from peers. The amount we believe to be adequate is £30.00 – £40.00 per week. This minimises students from the temptation in purchasing “illegal items” or spending too much on items, which have a detrimental effect on their academic environment, i.e. high-cost electrical gadgets that entertain rather than assist in learning. For those opting into this system, each student will be issued with a Buckswood Pocket Money “chequebook”. As and when students require money (up to the amount set by the parent/guardian) a cheque will be presented to the accounts department and they will issue the money For those opting out we do not take any responsibility for lost credit cards or for the opening of bank accounts. Please note that we will not be able to give out any cash advances for those who have opted out of the monitored pocket money system. The admin charge covers transactions and handling charges. In signing this form you agree to these charges of £52 per term. We encourage you to arrange for your child to have a credit card either linked to their come county or an account can be applied for in the UK (which we can help with). This will therefore allow you to take direct control of their expenses and it will also start educating them on how to use a card for transactions and general shopping.
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