Medical Form

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  • This form MUST be completed in English.

  • Medical contract with parent

  • It is a necessary requirement for enrolment at Buckswood School that you complete and submit a medical form in respect of your child. You must inform the School of any health or medical condition, special educational need(s), disability or allergy that your child has or subsequently develops, whether long-term or short-term, including any infections. You must also provide us, whether upon further request by the School or otherwise, any reports or other materials relevant to any of the same.

    For safety, students are not allowed their own supply of medicines. The exception to that, is those students who have a diagnosed medical condition. In such cases we must receive a doctor’s letter with the medical diagnosis and a written prescription. This must be in English with a date on it and include the:

    • Name of your child
    • Name of the medication
    • Dose
    • Time the medication is given
    • Length of course
    • Side Effects
    • Contra-indications (e.g. any other medication/treatment that shouldn’t be given at the same time).

    At Buckswood, we have students with many different medical and emotional conditions. These can usually be well managed with treatment and or medication. There is no difficulty with students continuing with their medication whilst at school. However, we MUST have the required information. There are strict guidelines in the UK about how medication is administered, and any medication that is supplied, should be in its original packaging. We will therefore assess each student on an individual basis. This may include an appointment with a doctor to get their approval for certain medication. Some may be permitted to administer their medication themselves but the majority will be given their medication by a member of staff.

    Any medication and/or supplements brought to the school without that information, will not be permitted. If students break this school rule, they are at risk of a fixed term exclusion.

    By signing this contract you are agreeing to suitably qualified school and NHS staff giving appropriate medicines, medical treatment and First Aid in accordance to the school’s Administration and Management of Medicines policy.

    Details, such as medical information and health records, about my child may need to be shared with other staff and external agencies, such as GPs and opticians, if we believe it is in their best interests. The School will collect and process personal information relating to students in accordance with our privacy notice which can be found on our website at Privacy Notice. This is within compliance of the GDPR which came into force on 25th May 2018.

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  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

    Buckswood Health Service (BHS) Nurses: Louise McCarthy and Maxine Garry, Administrator: Nicole Trevett

    Phone: 01424 813813 – Ext 251,Email: