Buckswood students often use St. George’s Guardians, a highly recommended local guardian company. Details of St. George’s Guardians can be found here

St. George’s Guardians online application form can be found here.

Guardian Permission Form

  • It is assumed that the student will be travelling directly home during the holidays or spending holidays with their guardian. If this is not the case, please give us the name and address of the person with whom the student will be spending this leave. (it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that satisfactory agreements are made). In all cases, the Parent/Guardian must contact the school to confirm that the student has arrived safely. If there are any issues in this regard the school must be contacted.
  • By signing you are agreeing to keep us informed of any subsequent changes to the guardian.
  • Please make sure you check your 'spam' or 'junk' folder as the receipt message sometimes finds its way in there.

*The School will collect and process personal information relating to students in accordance with our privacy notice.

This is within compliance of the GDPR which came into force on the 25th May 2018.

Privacy policy (440.14 KB :: pdf)

Specific requirements and conditions of Guardians (Appendix 1)

You will have chosen Buckswood School secure in the knowledge that it offers an excellent pastoral care system. Even so we feel it is vital for a child’s welfare and happiness that there is someone outside the school, but who lives reasonably close, to turn to for support and guidance to complement the care from within the school, when they are not in the care of the school.

A Guardian or Guardian Agency must be appointed before an international student enters Buckswood School, irrelevant of age.

The Guardian must:

  • Be aged 25 years old or older and live within reasonable travelling distance of the School .
  • Be contactable at all times and notify the School of any change of address or contact details, including for short periods of time such as holidays.
  • Provide a point of contact for Buckswood School for the discussion of matters concerning the student’s general welfare or academic progress and if possible help communication between Buckswood School and the parents if there is a language barrier.
  • Look after a student as agreed with the parents during holidays.
  • Be prepared to take temporary care of the student if he/she has been suspended for a serious breach of the School rules; as well as with earlier arrivals or late departures.
  • Care for the student in an emergency, including in the event of infectious or serious illness, or if the school is closed due to a pandemic.
  • lnform Buckswood School if they are away from their usual address for any length of time and how they may be contacted in an emergency.
  • Ensure that they register, as necessary, with their local Social Services and Police Station as required under the Children’s Act. They should also hold appropriate insurance and third party liability cover.

Guardians are appointed by parents, not the school. A guardian may be a family member, a family friend, a guardianship agency or other responsible adult based in UK.

The responsibility for choosing an appropriate Guardian rests solely with the Parents. The Parents are responsible in each case for satisfying themselves as to the suitability of a Guardian.

Buckswood students often use St. George’s Guardians, a highly recommended local guardian company – details of which can be found here. It is expected that the Parents will appoint a Guardian via a reputable organisation, preferably a member organisation of the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS). AEGIS is the authoritative association for inspecting and accrediting guardianship agencies in the UK. AEGIS can be contacted via their website: www.aegisuk.net . All guardianship agencies provide a variety of plans and fees to suit individual needs.

Buckswood can put parents in touch with guardian agencies, but is not responsible for the conduct of any particular agency. Parents are required to make their own checks into the suitability of any agency.

Parents who reside outside of the UK are expected to complete our Guardian Form (first page of this document) which provides the School with full details of the Guardian. Parents are expected to inform the School if there are any changes to any details relating to the Guardian.

Important Notes for Guardians

  • The Guardian should be prepared to provide care and supervision during half term holidays and other holidays not spent at home, periods in which the student could be suspended for a serious breach of the School rules, earlier arrivals or late departures, as well as helping with the organisation of travel arrangements. There must be adequate adult supervision
  • Communications concerning holidays should be directed to the student’s Housemaster or Housemistress.
  • In the event of an emergency, the Guardian will be the first point of contact. Parents will, of course, also be contacted, but the Guardian will act in their absence in loco parentis.
  • The Guardian’s responsibilities usually include caring for the student as would a responsible and caring parent by, for example, being in regular contact with the student and providing advice and support as necessary. The Guardian will need to care for the pupil and take responsibility for the pupil if he/she is unwell, suspended or otherwise released from school. Responsibilities also include being authorised to make certain decisions concerning the student on the Parents’ behalf, for example decisions regarding emergency medical and dental treatment and matters of a disciplinary nature. The Guardian should also be given legal authority to act on behalf of the Parent in all respects.
  • The Guardian have to contact the school to inform/confirm us that the student has arrived home safely when they travel back for holidays, or to inform/confirm us that the student has arrived safely to his/her accommodation during holidays not spend at home. Guardian must contact the school to confirm that the student has arrived safely. If there are any issues in this regard the school must be contacted.