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Etiquette Programme

Throughout the year the Guestling Hall girls follow an etiquette programme which we call ‘Ladettes to Ladies!’

This programme culminates in being treated to afternoon tea at the Georges Hotel in Rye.


“What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. All the girls dressed up and what a transformation, from girls to young ladies . Manuel dropped us all off in the town and we walked up to the Hotel. Everyone stopped to look as we walked through the town. It was such a good feeling as the shop-keepers asked who we were, what we were doing and how lovely we looked.


The Hotel Ball Room had been prepared for us and upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of Bucks Fizz. Mr Sutton gave us few hints on how to drink afternoon tea (remember the little finger!) and how to eat scones (is it jam or cream first?) and other useful hints and tips about the ancient tradition of the Great British Afternoon Tea Ceremony! Mrs Carter also gave us a few hints on deportment. We learnt to walk with a book on our heads (not sure what this was about) but it was good fun. We were also given a little hint on how to get in and out of a sports car with elegance. After tea we walked up to the church, looked around and slowly strolled back to the bus.”