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The House System

Sending your child away to a boarding school is a difficult decision for any parent, but boarding schools nowadays, especially Buckswood, are a home away from home where children are nurtured within a structured and busy environment.


Thriving on the daily challenges, the boarding experience ensures your child develops the skills for independent living: giving them a sense of belonging, self-discipline, structure, and having a sense of worth and responsibility. The boarding facilities at Buckswood provide a happy, nurturing structured environment where the routine of daily life translates into a focussed, self-motivated and disciplined approach in the classroom.


Boarding accommodation is spread over the campus and each House is proud of it’s individual character, from the 15th Century School House complete with oak beams and fire places, the girls’ Victorian manor Guestling Hall, the country cottages of Oaks House, or the modern lodges of Rowling and Kipling: each with a House Tutor and dedicated staff who are personally responsible for each and every boarder in their care. The house system is a unique to British education and at Buckswood there are six houses, each giving it’s members – especially new arrivals – an extra sense of belonging within the larger Buckswood family.


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