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Home from Home

Buckswood is a home. It is a working estate, it is a school and most importantly it is a place of learning and friendship. The walls of the old 16th century manor house stand so strong because they feed off the laughter and happiness that exudes from the students. Just as a home, it is the people that make the place work; that are the heartbeat of the school. The Buckswood pupil understands that the gardener and the chef are just as important in the operation of things as the Director or history teacher. Respect for those that help and work at school, as well as taking care of the beautiful surroundings in which they learn, is demanded from all; nothing excuses bad manners!


The safe, homely atmosphere is the ideal place for a child to develop with the security of knowing that they are succeeding and learning among friends. Their Buckswood family is there to support them as they develop essential life skills needed for a successful professional and personal adult life. A sense of self-discipline, resilience and a wider awareness of the world are strengthened through their experiences so that when  the ‘training wheels’ are taken off; they have the independence and self-determination to drive themselves forward: knowing that they have been given the gift of a Buckswood education and knowing that they themselves are in the driving seat!