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Being a Boarder

Consider having no commute to school, consider living and studying with your friends and having everything at hand to make your studies as easy as possible. Two hours’ worth of help every night with homework, a ready-made social life with activities every night, trips to town every weekend, something special to do every Sunday after a long lie-in and brunch, and an address book filled with friends from across the world so you’re never stuck without a place to go on holiday; now that is boarding at Buckswood.


Sending your child away to a boarding school is a difficult decision for any parent, but boarding schools nowadays, especially Buckswood, are a home away from home where children are nurtured within a structured and busy environment. Thriving on the daily challenges, the boarding experience ensures your child develops the skills for independent living: giving them a sense of belonging, self-discipline, structure, and having a sense of worth and responsibility. The boarding facilities at Buckswood provide a happy, nurturing structured environment where the routine of daily life translates into a focussed, self-motivated and disciplined approach in the classroom.


Boarding at Buckswood is provided in a homely setting, where every boarder is part of one of six boarding houses, a system that is a unique to British education. Each of the six houses, each gives its members – especially new arrivals – an extra sense of belonging within the larger Buckswood family. Boarding accommodation is spread over the campus and each House is proud of its individual character, from the 15th Century School House complete with oak beams and fire places, the girls’ Victorian manor Guestling Hall, the country cottages of Oaks House, or the modern lodges of Rowling, Milne and Kipling: each with a House Tutor and dedicated staff who are personally responsible for each and every boarder in their care.


Rooms in the boarding houses are mostly en-suite and range from quad rooms (loved by junior boarders), to triple, double and single rooms which allow the older boarders to concentrate on their studies. Boarders share rooms with students from all over the world (but not their own country) so that English is spoken at all times, assisting rapid language progression. The houses are a mix of junior and senior boarders, and the senior boarders are great mentors for the younger or newer Buckswoodians who may need help with tying a bow tie or finding their way to BHS (Buckswood Health Service) where the qualified nurses and health staff are on hand to support house mistresses and masters with looking after everyone.


  •  Six single sex boarding houses
  • Daily cleaning and weekly laundry service
  • Kitchen, self-service laundry and common room in every house
  • Mostly en-suite rooms
  • In room safe
  • Two house tutors per house
  • On site health centre
  • Full evening and weekend leisure programme
  • Half-term trips with house staff


The Buckswood Boarding Principles and Practice

The aim of boarding at Buckswood School is to provide a safe and secure environment for the personal and academic development of each boarding student whilst ensuring their health and wellbeing. The Buckswood ethos aims to reflect, as far as possible within a communal environment, the best values of family life. The boarding experience encourages tolerance, respect for others, kindness, spiritual and moral awareness, personal development, general welfare and self-discipline. It develops independence, strength and the ability within the individual to function as part of a team.


Care is taken to ensure the Buckswood ethos and desired atmosphere is promoted across the boarding houses, whilst at the same time maintaining the individual character of each house and ensuring a progression of responsibilities and privileges commensurate within the different age groups.